Technology making us lazy or making life just plain easy?

In today’s society technology has become a life necessity. Let’s face it, technology has made our lives easier. However some people would see this as making lives lazy. You can perceive it both ways actually. What I mean by this is that yes, technology has most definitely made our lives easier today than people had it 10 years ago or more. But yes it can also make people lazy. If you rely on technology for everything and it causes you to not lift a finger to do anything, then that is just laziness. Use technology to an extent and do not let it cause you to let it shut you down socially and break your hard work ethic.

Most people use some aspects of technology as ways to socialize. This does make lives easy as far as making friends and meeting people. But do not let it stop there. Actually meet people in person and get out in the world. There is so much out there that you cannot experience from your computer or video game consoles. Yes technology makes work easier, but do not cause that to lose your hard work ethics that you were raised with and certainly do not let that cause you to not instill these ethics in our children whom are our future leaders of the world.

What I ask you is, what do you think that technology does to us as a society. Does it cause us to be lazy people? Does it cause us to be a world in which relies on technology alone, a technology that can be shut down or disrupted and then where will we be as a society if we do not have any skills. For example if people rely on computers for calculating and counting, then they went out and we didn’t know how to figure this out without them. Where would we be? Technology is constantly advancing, and the news and other media advertisers such as magazines and television commercials advertise for technology every day. Use technology as it is intended, which is to make life easier and to have fun, but not to be lazy.


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  • nikhilesh kumar

    technology is now man necessity…………man cannot survive with it so is part of man activity……………….

  • missc99

    i think it is just making us lazy but i agree its making life easier at the same time

  • kameron langford

    i think they shouldn’t make it where we rely on tech for everything …………seriously


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